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MILPITAS, CA (May 7, 2008) - Aperto® Networks, builder of the world's most versatile carrier-grade and cost-effective WiMAX base stations and subscriber units, announced today that its 5 GHz WiMAX solution has been certified for use in the Republic of Ukraine. This certification applies to the entire line of award-winning WiMAX Forum Certified PacketMAX® base stations, including the PM 5000 macro base station and the PM 3000 micro base station, as well as the PM 3xx series and PM 1xx series of subscriber units.

"5 GHz WiMAX products are very important for the broadband market in Ukraine," said Manish Gupta, Vice President of Marketing & Alliances for Aperto Networks and WiMAX Forum Board Member. "This WiMAX band is just being recognized internationally as a powerful complement to the 2.x GHz and 3.x GHz bands. Aperto continues to showcase its support for the needs of the emerging markets with this latest certification."

According to (October 5, 2007), "(t)he Ukraine market for WiMAX is expected to explode over the next two years, as low penetration for broadband access in the country point to high demand. In the Kommersant report, the President of Alternet said he expects that by 2010, 'WiMAX services will have 2-3 million subscribers, each of which will bring the operators an average of about US$40 per month.'"

"We are very excited about Aperto's certification for 5 GHz," said Alexander Volinsky, General Manager, NTU Service. "Customers in Ukraine have been waiting for this to happen for some time. The fact that the entire line of PacketMAX products has been certified means that Aperto can supply and deploy complete WiMAX solutions immediately."

The PacketMAX family of products delivers the critical elements required to extend wireless broadband services to a wide range of users-ranging from governments, large enterprises and public-sector organizations to multi-tenet buildings and residences-using a single, standards-based platform. The company's flagship product, the PacketMAX 5000 base station, is also the only carrier-grade base station that can support and operate both the IEEE802.16-2004 and IEEE802.16-2005 WiMAX standards simultaneously. PacketMAX also supports the widest range of licensed and licensed-exempt frequencies in the world, including the 2.5 GHz, 3.5 GHz, 4.9 GHz, and 5 GHz bands.

About Aperto Networks

Aperto Networks helps service providers worldwide profitably deliver affordable wireless voice and broadband services by building the world's most advanced fixed and mobile WiMAX Forum Certified base stations and subscriber units. Aperto fundamentally changes the economics of delivering voice and broadband services through IP-rich, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks, allowing carriers to offer a wider variety of services to more customers using less equipment. Its carrier-grade WiMAX technology offers industry-leading subscriber density, quality of service, ease of use, and reliability. Aperto is a founding board member of the WiMAX Forum, as well as a founder and lead contributor to IEEE 802.16 and the ETSI-BRAN standards. Serving more than 400 customers in 90 countries, Aperto Networks is based in Milpitas, California. For more information, visit us at